Call for Material Contributions

Help Preserve the History of Alaska's Oil and Gas Industry

As we begin to build our collection We are on the lookout for historic photos, videos, and other documents and books that can help us better understand the evolution of the industry in the state. If you have any materials that you think would be of interest to the Society and the general public, we would be grateful for your contribution.  If you are interested, please email  with a description of the items you have. 

By sharing these resources with us, you can help ensure that the history of the industry is preserved for future generations to appreciate and learn from. We take the responsibility of preserving these materials seriously, and we will ensure that they are kept safe and accessible for historical research purposes. Thank you for considering a contribution to our collection.



The AKOGHS has established policy and procedures for the acquisition, care, loan, and use of the collections of the AKOGHS. The AKOGHS is committed to maintaining standards of professional and ethical excellence in all its actions.

Objects may be added to the collection by means of gifts, bequests, purchases, transfer, exchange, or any other events by which title to the objects passes to the AKOGHS.

Donors can contact the AKOGHS by using the Contact Us page on the Society’s web page or through e- mail at

Donors are instructed to provide photographs, a description of the object or collection, and/or to establish a meeting time during which the collection may be screened for potential acceptance. Potential acquisitions are screened against the AKOGHS mission and against the following general criteria:

Primary Questions

  1. Is the object related to Alaska oil and gas history?
  2. Is the object historically significant to an important Alaska oil and gas event or milestone?
  3. Is the object unique? Secondary Questions/Considerations
  1. How is the object consistent with the AKOGHS mission; the collection’s goals; and scope of the collection?
  2. Is there duplication of the object existing in the present collections?
  3. Does the object provide information about activities or experiences that were typical, common, plentiful, or popular in Alaska’s oil and gas industry?
  4. Will the object help improve the understanding of Alaska’s oil and gas industry?
  5. Can proper care be given to the object?
  6. What is the object’s present condition?
  7. Will acceptance of the object result in substantial future expense for the AKOGHS?
  8. Can costs for purchase, transportation, cataloging, restoring, storing be met?
  9. Is appropriate storage space available? What is the size of the object (physical space requirements) in relation to its importance to the collections and use?
  10. Has provenance been satisfactorily explored?
  11. Are there restrictions or provisions regarding the object(s) use, care, or display?
  12. Are there questions regarding legal title?
  13. Is use of the object(s) restricted by copyright, patent, trademark, or trade name, or encumbered by its nature being obscene, defamatory, potentially an invasion of privacy, considered to be a ritual object, physically hazardous, etc.?
  14. Is there another institution where the object(s) might be more appropriately acquired?
  15. What is the foreseeable use of the object(s)?

The acceptance of all gifts and bequests shall be unrestricted. If approved for acceptance, the donor will be provided with the Collection Donations Guideline, and will also complete a Deed of Gift, which will be signed by the donor and the AKOGHS.

No commitment shall be made as to exhibition, attribution, or placement of the gift. While it is the future museum’s intention to accession for long-term use and preservation, no guarantee shall be made that the

gifts or bequest be retained by the future museum in perpetuity.