Voices From The North:

Chronicles of Alaska's Oil and Gas Pioneers

Join us in honoring and preserving these powerful testimonies that echo the pioneering spirit of Alaska’s oil and gas heritage.

Delve into the heart of Alaska’s oil and gas saga through our exclusive collection of interviews and oral histories, featuring the personal accounts of those who have been at the forefront of the state’s oil and gas exploration and production.

These narratives not only highlight the technological and economic milestones but also shed light on the human spirit and resilience that have driven Alaska’s oil and gas sector. From first discoveries to monumental achievements, these stories form an integral part of the state’s legacy, offering invaluable insights into the industry’s evolution and its profound impact on local communities and the global oil and gas landscape.


Help Preserve the History of Alaska's Oil and Gas Industry

As we begin to build our collection We are on the lookout for historic photos, videos, and other documents and books that can help us better understand the evolution of the industry in the state. If you have any materials that you think would be of interest to the Society and the general public, we would be grateful for your contribution.  If you are interested, please email info@akoghs.org  with a description of the items you have.

By sharing these resources with us, you can help ensure that the history of the industry is preserved for future generations to appreciate and learn from. We take the responsibility of preserving these materials seriously, and we will ensure that they are kept safe and accessible for historical research purposes. Thank you for considering a contribution to our collection.

Industry Pioneers: Behind The Scenes Alaska's Oil Boom

On June 15th, 2023, North Slope Petroleum Engineers and Teams Reconnected, Igniting the First Spark for AKOGHS to Interview Industry Pioneers. We welcome you to explore this unique oral history archive.

Jerry Bixby – Roustabout, Wireline, Kenai Peninsula

BPXA, Wireline Coordinator to ESP Coordinator and Well Operations Supervisor.

Julie Heusser, Consulting Engineer/Paralegal &  President - Heusser & Associates

State of Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

 BP – Field Petroleum Engineer and Reservoir Engineer

ARCO – Well Site Supervisor, Problem Well Engineer, Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer.

Ross Warner – Field Engineer for Schlumberger Inc.,

British Petroleum Alaska as Petroleum Engineer and Well Interventions Team

Leader, Production Supervisor, Production Engineer

Petro Technical Resources of Alaska as a contractor for BP

Al Schmoyer – started with  Marathon Oil, North Slope, 1979 -1998

BPXA- PE Supervisor

Jack Rathert – Schlumberger – Civil Engineer

Ted Stagg - Drilling Engineer for ARCO 1967 -logged the discovery well at Prudhoe bay

BP Petroleum Engineer and Supervisor.

Watch Oil wells and coal production in Alaska in 1951

Preserving and sharing the history of the oil and gas industry in Alaska.

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